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ECCRI Cybersecurity Fellows attended IGF 2023 in Kyoto

Three ECCRI Cybersecurity 2023-2024 Fellows – Cat Easdon, Aideen Fay, and Nils Brinker – presented their research at the 18th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) that was hosted by the Government of Japan in Kyoto from 8 to 12 October 2023. The trip was made possible with the help of an additional grant from the Government of Malta, which supports the ECCRI Fellowship Program.

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Introducing Binding Hook: ECCRI’s Innovative Media Hub

It’s here!

The European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI) is happy and proud to introduce Binding Hook, a new media outlet to gather expert perspectives on digital and emerging technologies and security.

Managing Editors Max Smeets and James Shires are thrilled to introduce you to this new platform and here’s why.

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The ECCRI launches a new Associate program, and welcomes two Senior Research Associates

ECCRI welcomes Dan Black and Jamie MacColl as the inaugural Senior Research Associates to the newly launched Associate program.

Dan Black is a Principal Analyst on the Cyber Espionage team at Google’s Mandiant, where he specializes in analysis of Russia’s cyber program and the broader dynamics of competition and conflict in cyberspace. Dan was previously the Deputy Head and Principal Analyst in NATO’s Cyber Threat Analysis Branch.

Jamie MacColl is a Research Fellow in cyber threats and cybersecurity at RUSI. His research interests include cyber security, the evolution of the cyber threat landscape, the role of emerging technologies in security and defence policy and the uses of history in policymaking. Current research projects focus on cyber insurance and cyber risks related to the Globalisation of Technology.

“We are delighted that the new Associate program will further strengthen ECCRI’s commitment to producing and supporting cutting-edge, original research that harnesses the insights of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of cyber conflict,” Monica Kello, ECCRI’s Trustee and Board member, notes.

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The ECCRI Welcomes New Co-Director

The European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI) welcomes James Shires as new co-director of the organization. He will take on the leadership of the organization with Max Smeets, current director of ECCRI.

James is currently a senior research fellow in cyber policy at Chatham House. He was previously an Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity Governance, University of Leiden. He speaks regularly and has published extensively on cybersecurity and global politics, including his book ‘The Politics Of Cybersecurity In The Middle East’ (Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2021). James is a co-founder and trustee of ECCRI, and as the co-director he is committed to advancing the organization’s growth.

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The Cyber Dimensions of the Russia-Ukraine War

20 Apr 2023


On the 28th of February 2023, the European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI) held a workshop to reflect on wartime cyber operations in Ukraine, supported by the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

ECCRI to lead the tech governance work package of Horizon funded REMIT project

01 Nov 2023

ECCRI will lead the technology governance work package of the REMIT consortium from March 2023 for a span of four years. The project has been granted a total of 3 million euros and is coordinated by the University of Maastricht.

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