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What does ECCRI do?

The European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI) promotes the interdisciplinary study of cyber conflict and statecraft in Europe and beyond. ECCRI exists to make rigorous, objective research on cyber conflict and statecraft accessible to policy-makers and the general public.

ECCRI encourages and supports high-quality original research, as well as enabling researchers to communicate their findings to policy-makers and the general public. ECCRI runs a wide range of initiatives, from small writing workshops to an annual Big Cyber Ideas Festival, where scholars and practitioners can discuss the latest developments in the field.

What is cyber conflict and statecraft?

Cyber conflict is the result of hacking and/or manipulation of digital devices and networks (usually known as cyber-attacks) for political influence, disruption, or destruction. Cyber conflict includes, but is not limited to, actions of nation-states, as many other entities (companies, criminals, terrorists, etc.) also conduct cyber-attacks.

Statecraft means the principles, practices, and strategies used in the conduct of international politics – again, by both states and others. Cyber statecraft is statecraft relating to cyber conflict, including areas of internet governance, digital diplomacy, and a range of other technical and political forums addressing cyber conflict.

Why is this important?

Cyber conflict is an increasingly important part of international politics. The frequency and severity of cyber-attacks is growing, and cyber-attacks are central tools of military action and intelligence-gathering for many states. But hype often exceeds reality, and few states or other actors have reason to accurately explain the risks of cyber conflict in public. Careful, objective, and open research on this topic is needed more than ever.

Cyber conflict also affects people, as cyber-attacks by states, companies, and others pose risks to the privacy, security, and human rights of individuals around the world. This form of cyber conflict is perhaps even less well understood than inter-state dynamics, and thorough research and policy on the individual and interpersonal effects of cyber conflict is also urgently required.

Binding Hook

Binding Hook is a web outlet created by ECCRI to gather expert perspectives on digital and emerging technologies and security. It centres the conversation on Europe in its global context through opinions and analysis from practitioners and researchers.

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ECCRI is a UK Charitable Incorporated Organization. ECCRI’s Registered Charity Number is 1190782.