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Kamil Bojarski

2024-2025 European Cybersecurity Fellow

Kamil Bojarski is a Senior Analyst at Standard Chartered Client and Third-Party Intelligence team. In this role, he is responsible for the development of intelligence capabilities and tracking adversarial activity targeting the customer and vendor ecosystem of Standard Chartered. He is also a Virtual Teaching Assistant at SANS Institute where he supports students and instructors during FOR578 Cyber Threat Intelligence classes. Previously Kamil worked at QuoIntelligence, Cisco, and Atos holding positions related to developing threat intelligence programs, providing intelligence support to incident response, and leading threat hunting activities.

Before starting his cybersecurity career Kamil obtained a Master’s degree in Law from Nicolaus Copernicus University where he defended his thesis on the acceptability of use of data retention in terms of protection of human rights. During this time, he was also involved in academic research on the topics of countering cybercrime and digital investigation techniques employed by law enforcement. His professional interests are focused on counterintelligence aspects of information security, the development and evolution of state-operated cyber operations capabilities, and a cross-section of technical and political aspects of cyber operations. You can read his thoughts on OSINT, national security, and threat intelligence on his blog