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Anastasiia Ostrovska

2024-2025 European Cybersecurity Fellow

Anastasiia Ostrovska is the Head of communications at the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. She stepped into this role during the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Anastasiia’s work is focused on strengthening the national cyber resilience of the state, in particular by organizing the largest cybersecurity events in Ukraine and education programs. She works with government agencies, the private sector, and international partners to ensure successful project implementation.

Anastasiia is responsible for informing the public and stakeholders about current threats and ensuring eHective communication in the case of cyber incidents. She also works on information security projects and conducts training for public sector communicators.

She has more than five years of experience in the public sector. In particular, she worked as an advisor to the Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. She has been awarded the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine award and has received the Gratitude of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for personal contribution to the development of the country.

Also, she is a mentor for women and youth in career development and building a personal brand.