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Valerio Viscardi

Valerio Viscardi, originally from Italy and now based in Brussels, Belgium, is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at the Mastercard Intelligence Center. In this role, he focuses on examining and analysing the latest cyber threats that might impact Mastercard’s information assets and customers worldwide. Valerio is also involved in investigations to support the Security Operation Center and Incident Response teams. Previously, Valerio worked in KPMG on cybersecurity strategy and governance projects for public sector organisations and critical infrastructures. Later, he transitioned into policy roles at the European Commission’s Cybersecurity and Capacity Building Unit and the Center for Cybersecurity of Belgium (CCB).

Valerio’s academic background is in Security and Intelligence studies, with a specific emphasis on cybersecurity. He holds an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree from the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University, Charles University Prague and the University of Trento. He also recently obtained the GSEC certification from the SAN Institute, showcasing his dedication to continuous improvement and a commitment to ongoing self-learning. Outside of work, he is an outdoors enthusiast, an active hiker and an experienced climber.