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Aideen Fay

Aideen Fay is a Senior Security Software Engineer on the Microsoft Threat Hunting team. Aideen leads the team’s investments into tooling and automation, enabling effective hunting for adversaries across Microsoft’s rapidly growing cloud estate. This involves developing statistical techniques, machine learning models, and advanced visualizations that can detect subtle signs of adversary activity in over 100 petabytes of data every day. Aideen is passionate about systems thinking and using data science and mathematics to help humans understand and model complex system behaviour.

She is also a climate change activist and volunteers as an AI for Good Engineer with FruitPunch AI on various climate change and conservation projects. For example, she previously assisted researchers in adopting modern machine learning tools to develop a facial recognition model that monitors seal populations. Currently, she is working to optimise and deploy an audio recognition model on edge devices across several of Africa’s nature reserves to detect elephant poaching.