REGISTRATION CLOSED: The Big Cyber Ideas Festival 2022!

The Big Cyber Ideas Festival is back!

In 2022, it is a truism to say that the internet underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. In a world beset by geopolitical tensions and conflict, the lingering consequences of a global pandemic, increasing cyber threats to states, organisations, and individuals, and a growing climate emergency, big cyber ideas are needed more than ever.

How can we harness trends such as multipolar internet governance, new sources of and tools for analysing data, and the power of greater global connectivity through social media, to tackle these global challenges rather than exacerbating them?

Join us on Wednesday 21st September, 4.30-7.00 pm CEST, for a creative, inspiring, and unique event that thinks differently about the major issues of the day. We will be re-imagining cyber policy, strategy, and practice to highlight new perspectives, new research, and, of course, big cyber ideas.

This year, the festival will take place in Gathertown (a proto-metaverse, for those who are fond of multisyllabism), with talks, discussions, and fun and games all around.