ECCRI holds the Oxford Cyber Forum

On 27 June, ECCRI held the inaugural Oxford Cyber Forum, in partnership with the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.

Across a packed day, the Oxford Cyber Forum held unique sessions that combined strategic insights with deep expertise on specific issues. Before the main event, early-career researchers attended threat intelligence workshops held by experts from Mandiant (now Google), on the uses of and trends in the cyber threat intelligence industry, and attended a networking lunch.

In the first panel, participants analyzed recent developments in the cyber threat landscape, surveying how cyber threat actors use new tools within a shifting public-private ecosystem to mount campaigns that affect individuals, organizations, and societies – and despite recent disruptions. In the second panel, participants charted the likely course of military cyber policy, noting the need to move beyond pure “resilience” paradigms, as well as exploring challenges in civil-military integration and alignment on doctrine and tactics for both offensive and defensive operations.

The Forum closed with Jen Easterly, Director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in conversation with Blavatnik Professor of Practice Ciaran Martin. Their conversation ranged widely across diverse issues, including the multifaceted US cyber policy landscape, its relationships with international allies, and the ingredients of successful cybersecurity awareness.

ECCRI Co-Director, James Shires, said “The Oxford Cyber Forum showcases the breadth and passion of the ECCRI community, and the need for greater public debate and understanding of these vital issues. Although cyber incidents frequently make headlines, cyber policy does so far less often, but today’s discussions show why – and how – this should change.”

ECCRI thanks the Blavatnik School of Government for their successful partnership, NATO’s contribution to supporting the event, and all the speakers and moderators who lent their time and expertise to create an unparalleled level of discussion and debate.

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