ECCRI provides a European venue for academic and policy dialogue on cyber conflict. As a member-driven organization dedicated to making high-quality, original research accessible to policy-makers and the general public, it is the first organisation of its kind in Europe.

Seminar Series

We hold monthly hour-long seminar meetings where participants can present research to the community.

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program provides guidance and practical skill to young scholars and practitioners in the cyber field through mentorship, skills workshops, and networking events.


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The Cyber Dimensions of the Russia-Ukraine War

In February 2023, ECCRI held a workshop to reflect on wartime cyber operations in Ukraine, supported by the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

The workshop gathered cyber threat intelligence practitioners, academics, and officials representing governments and international institutions. It was an invitation only workshop and adhered to the Chatham House Rule, enabling participants to express their candid ideas and reflections. ECCRI has prepared the report in consultation with attendees, to emphasize the primary topics of discussion.

ECCRI to lead the tech governance work package of Horizon funded REMIT project

ECCRI will lead the technology governance work package of the REMIT consortium from March 2023 for a span of four years. The project has been granted a total of 3 million euros and is coordinated by the University of Maastricht.

Cyber Persistence Theory by Michael P. Fischerkeller, Emily O. Goldman, and @RichardHarknett establishes a profound theoretical basis under the broader policy implications of cyberspace structure.

More on the book here:

No Shortcuts by @Maxwsmeets provides the analysis of what is wrong with the states’ attitude towards building a cyber capability and how to do it in a practical and optimal way.

More on the book here:

Offensive Cyber Operations by @ILDannyMoore elegantly describes the state of affairs in the domain and its similarities to and differences from everything that happened before.

More on the book here:

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