ECCRI provides a European venue for academic and policy dialogue on cyber conflict. As a member-driven organization dedicated to making high-quality, original research accessible to policy-makers and the general public, it is the first organisation of its kind in Europe.

Seminar Series

We hold monthly hour-long seminar meetings where participants can present research to the community.

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program provides guidance and practical skill to young scholars and practitioners in the cyber field through mentorship, skills workshops, and networking events.

Big Cyber Ideas Festival

The Big Cyber Ideas Festival is a creative, inspiring, and unique event that thinks differently about the major issues of the day. The goal of the event is to re-imagine cyber policy, strategy, and practice to highlight new perspectives, new research, and, of course, big cyber ideas.

The festival takes place in Gathertown (a proto-metaverse, for those who are fond of multisyllabism), with talks, discussions, and fun and games all round.

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