Cyber Security Seminar

The European Cybersecurity Seminar (ECS) provides cybersecurity researchers and practitioners with a platform to present and get feedback on research projects and papers.

We hold monthly hour-long seminar meetings where participants can present research to the community. To ensure high-quality feedback, for each presentation ECS will identify and assign an expert discussant to each paper who will provide detailed comments, before opening up the discussion to all participants.

This Seminar has three main goals. First, it promotes cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary dialogue. Second, it aims to foster a community of trust among Europe’s cybersecurity experts. Third, it aspires to support junior scholars who may lack local networks providing guidance since cybersecurity remains an emerging field of research. To that end, we explicitly welcome submissions by junior scholars.

The ECS is chaired by Lennart Maschmeyer (ETH Zurich) and Lilly Pijnenburg Muller (King’s College London).

Would you like to present your paper or be discussant at the ECS? Please email us your title and abstract (max. 250 words) at

DATEPresenter Title
30.09.21Frederick DouzetThe Geopolitics of Data Routing
21.10.21Anita GohdesRepression in the digital age: Cyber controls and state violence in the 21st century. 
25.11.21Dennis BroedersToo Close for Comfort: Cyber Terrorism and Information Security across National Policies and International Diplomacy
16.12.21Tim StevensTBD
27.01.22Madeline CarrTBD
24.02.22Lucas KelloTBD