Big Cyber Ideas Festival

Check back soon to find out more about the Big Cyber Ideas Festival 2022-2023

During the global pandemic, societies have moved online in an unprecedented way. Cyber threats and risks are exacerbated by this deepening digitalization.  

The second edition of the Big Cyber Ideas Festival is an online event took place from September 21-23, 2021, with the purpose of exploring key questions for cyber security and digital policy in Europe.  

We hosted three sessions across three days for practitioners, researchers, and the interested public. We’re bringing together academic, government, and private sector experts to catalyze wide-reaching conversations on key policy developments.  

The session topics tackled key questions around cybersecurity journalism, public attribution of cyber operations, and global perspectives on European cyber policy, including: 

  • Why are cyber operations attributed to states by commercial companies, states, and international organizations such as the EU?  
  • How are these attributions reported and discussed in national and international media?  
  • And how do other states – including those at whom such accusations are directed – view European actions? 

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
21 September, 4pm-5.15pm CET 22 September, 4pm-5.15pm CET 23 September, 4pm-5.15pm CET
Publicly Attributing Cyber Operations by the Private Sector Reflections on Investigative Journalism on Cyber Operations Global Perspectives on European Cyber Policy

– Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade, Sentinel One
– Selena Larson, Proofpoint
– Saher Naumann, BAE Systems


– Kim Zetter, Independent
– Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, VICE
– Hakan Tanriverdi, BR/ARD   

– Jinghua Lyu, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
– Pavel Sharikov,  Russian International Affairs Council
– Pouria Askary, AT
– Arindrajit Basu,  Centre for Internet & Society

– Florian Egloff, ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies      
– Lilly Muller, King’s College London  

  – Max Smeets, ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies
– Jamie Collier, FireEye


– James Shires, Leiden University
– Monica Kaminska, Leiden University